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• The fire safety officer (SSIAP 1) “Fire Safety and Personal Assistance Services”

A major player in site security, he works mainly in establishments open to the public (ERP) or high-rise buildings (IGH) subject to strict fire safety regulations.

Its missions are:

- fire prevention;

- raising employee awareness regarding fire safety and personal assistance;

- basic maintenance of resources contributing to fire safety;

- emergency alert and reception;

- evacuation of the public;

- early intervention in the face of fires;

- assistance to people in the establishments where they work;

- the operation of the fire safety PC.

• The fire safety officer (SSIAP 2), Fire safety team leader

Coordinates the missions entrusted, assesses and changes in risks and adapts

consequence the necessary corrective measures.

• The fire safety officer (SSIAP 3), Chief of the fire safety service

Mainly administrative and managerial in function and most of the time a former professional firefighter, this key position is the lung of the establishment's fire department: guarantor of compliance with regulations, organization, schedules, means, techniques and people , emergency equipment.

The methodology during risk analysis, the drafting of administrative documents and compliance with posting obligations are all crucial points essential for classified establishments.