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Intervening mainly at night, accompanied by a dog or not, these transported agents have the main mission of carrying out patrols to prevent the risk of theft, fire, damage, intrusion.

Equipped with specific equipment such as the PTI (Protection of the Isolated Worker), its action can prove to be decisive particularly when taking safeguard measures or continuity of safety procedures.

The random mode of this type of intervention is particularly suitable for sites closed at night, isolated and effectively compensates for the absence of human presence.

It also intervenes on doubt-raising missions when an alarm is triggered in order to verify the nature of the problem, its reactivity is therefore essential.

Capable of assisting employees of a large area during the opening and closing phases, the relief of cash registers, the activation and deactivation of alarm systems. Due to its ability to move quickly and at all hours for short periods, its missions are varied and adapt precisely to different needs.