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Security Guarding & Surveillance

The prevention and safety officer (APS) also called safety officer intervenes within the framework of the protection of goods and people in order to limit the risks previously assessed.

Its mission, which is essentially oriented towards surveillance, is the subject of each job placement when drawing up a job description and always in accordance with its qualification or job description.

Building controls, filtering, general security, surveillance, patrols, fight against malicious acts… Its missions are therefore necessarily numerous and multiple.


The security officer (APS) must more generally enforce the regulations of the site for which he is responsible and record each event on an electronic or paper handrail according to the specifics of the site.


Particular attention is paid to the training of all our agents, the emphasis is voluntarily pushed on the ability to defuse a potentially risky situation, called "conflict management capacity", this training is directly provided by our responsible managers of operations.